Transplant Surgical Services

Transplant patients and their families receive one-on-one attention from transplant team members.

Six Washington University transplantation surgeons, as members of a multidisciplinary transplant team, perform abdominal organ transplants for people with end-stage liver, kidney and pancreatic disease. These physicians also offer dual-organ transplants, such as liver-lung or heart-kidney transplants, by teaming up with specialists in the Cardiothoracic Surgery Division.

The kidney transplant program, which began in 1963, and the liver transplant program, initiated in 1985, draw on a successful history. Washington University transplant surgeons have performed more than 3,290 kidney transplants and over 1,400  liver transplants. In 1996, the program was the first to perform an adult living-unrelated donor liver transplant in the U.S.

Not all patients referred for transplantation actually require an organ transplant; in many cases, surgical intervention may forestall or eliminate the need for a transplant. Because of their extensive surgical expertise, these surgeons are able to successfully treat complicated problems – including some cases of liver cancer – that might otherwise cause patients to be listed as transplant candidates at other medical centers.

Personalized Care

Transplant candidates and their families receive one-on-one attention from transplant team members as they face the major physical, emotional and financial issues involved in transplantation.

Washington University transplant surgeons work very closely with transplant coordinators at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and St. Louis Children's Hospital. These staff members provide important support during all phases of a patient's care, including follow-up treatment and the return to a normal lifestyle.

Transplant coordinators, on the average, have been with the program for more than 10 years. Making daily contact with surgeons, they help provide the exceptional level of care needed by transplant patients.

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Services at a Glance

  • Liver transplantation for adults and children (including living-related and living-unrelated donor transplantation; reduced size liver transplantation; split liver transplantation)
  • Kidney transplantation for adults and children (including mini-nephrectomy procedure for live donor)
  • Dual-organ transplantation: liver-kidney, heart-kidney, liver-lung
  • Treatment of end-stage liver, kidney and pancreatic disease. Working with the departments of Medicine and Pediatrics, surgeons provide transplantation as a treatment modality for end-stage organ failure.
  • Whole organ pancreas and isolated islet transplantation for adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus
  • Resection of malignant and benign liver tumors
  • Surgical management of complex extra- and intrahepatic biliary disease
  • Surgical management of portal hypertension
  • Hemo- and peritoneal dialysis access


  • Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Center for Advanced Medicine (Washington University Medical Center)
  • St. Louis Children's Hospital
  • Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital


  • (314) 747-9889, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • (314) 854-0399, 24 hours a day, ask for the attending general surgeon on call
  • 1-800-252-3627, 24 hours a day, ask for the attending general surgeon on call
  • By appointment


William C. Chapman, MD 

Maria B. Majella Doyle, MD 

Adeel Khan, MD, MPH

Yiing Lin, MD, PhD 

Surendra Shenoy, MD

Jason R. Wellen, MD